Welcoming "Seeds" From My Forthcoming Album Entitled SEEDS


If you happened to see me last week, you may not realize how restless and agitated I actually was - though, I still am.

Lately I have been working on the album artwork, layouting, press releases, #planttheseeds campaign that will launch soon enough, album track listing, copywriting, promotions, art direction, music video preparations, as well as ensuring myself that the songs that have been chosen to be included in my debut are the ones that could give you 'the light' you've been searching for in life.

But I thank you, especially for the ones who happened to see me last week. From meeting a random drunktard (that's what he introduced himself as), a long-lost colleagues reunion, inspiring coffee talk til the mall shuts, one of a kind mocktail conversation at Union, a friend's album launching, meeting two young talented musos who are still baffled by the scene, laughing over overabused remixed songs, and so much more.

I will mention your name/initial in my blog, so that I can always remind myself that I'm not alone. Please consider this as a form of my earnest appreciation to you. You gave me what I needed most; good company.

For the ones who did not see me last week, you have supported me enough. Please don't stop giving me your support.

I'd like to present this album as a gift to you, hopefully this is something sweeter than merely saying "thank you".

The first single from the album will be able to listen to in just a few days.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, "Seeds".