Out of The Ordinary

Patience is the real virtue when it comes to delivering your stuffs to the music industry as whole. It's tough. It even takes years and years for a supersonically talented Australian artist like Sia to eventually be known worldwide. So I'm never gonna be a pessimist. I knew from the very start of what I will face ahead of me, understood the obstacles that will come about during the years of waiting. I let my flowers bloom organically. I planted the belief in me that anybody from any place of the earth can embrace what I made for them to listen to. 

A question like "Aren't you afraid of the industry?" does not stop me. Instead, it challenges me. The today's world obliges you to think like a visionary, to shall not have fear in creating and exploring as broad as you can. So here I am, empowering myself for what I do and my music shall not be just the music that you need to listen to, but the ones that you can grow yourself from. 

I suppose, in the end there's no stereotyping in music. There will be no "Asian Music" because you've got yellow skin, or "European Music" because you deliver such decent chords in a high end fashion trend. There will be just The World Music where we gather as one. Artists may have different tastes in what they do, but we use the same musical notes. Therefore, the creativity will always belong to the heart, the eyes, the ears of the beholders. So don't be afraid. Deliver to the world what you have explored. And don't ever limit your creativity.