Idiosyncratic Fleur

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my friends who have contributed in giving a couple of options of flowers with their meanings included, some even did a research. As there are so many flowers to choose, it was a little vague for me to decide whether there is a certain flower in which the trait can really portray and represent the character of who I truly am and the music I'm trying to convey. A few days ago I locked myself up in the room, started browsing and doodling what came out of my head. I even fell asleep on the floor after wandering around in my mind so hard for hours.

As I woke up there was this little voice in me whispering repeatedly "you are your own flower". So, I rushed to see my illustrator the next day and the first thing that came out of my mouth when asked if I've come up with one particular flower was "idiosyncratic fleur". He went a little quite for a second, a tad bit confused he went "uh sorry, what the heck is that? Can you be a little more specific as to what that is". So I told him what went through my mind earlier that night. 

Idiosyncratic fleur in my head is this odd and strangely peculiar flower. A flower that's untouched and undiscovered; you need to step into the wilderness in order to find one. Throughout the journey you may encounter wild weather or/and untamed animals, evenso finding this flower is worth a long exhausting voyage. Long story short, I want everyone of you to experience something magical when looking at this idiosyncratic fleur, your journey will be accompanied by 11 songs included in the album. I want you to feel like you have just discovered an obscure living thing; a flower you've never seen in your life before and you can't resist the little child to spark within you. I want my first album to live in your soul and remain as an otherworldly personal memory for as long as you live. 




Graphite by Heru Prasetya