Listening to Seeds in my 6 x 4 metres living room

I nearly got so pessimistic about my EP before we released it last year in November, as some people told me that "music that you're trying to present can't sell here" and "I don't think radio will play your song here, your music is too advanced". Although I wasn't really sure if 'too advanced' has a positive conotation. I asked Ryan to give me sometime to think before we finally decided to release the EP. I was a little baffled. Had I not have my family, Ryan, my bandmates and friends who gave the support I needed most, I might have had given up half way. Trust me, it wasn't as easy. Especially when you're a newbie who came up trying to give something new to the scene.

But then I resurrected, I decided to cherish every single opinion people throw at me. Out of the blue, a friend of mine told me that Too Young was played on the radio from Medan all the way to Flores, then Makassar, and some foreign radios. The song then sat at number 8 on Prambors Late Night 20 chart. I wasn't like jumping around whipping my hair back and forth, to be honest I was even more confused.

What came into my mind was "how did that happen?". I mean, after all these confusions; who would have thought.

I told mas Denny Sakrie during the interview about a year ago when he asked me about the aim of my success - if I get successful one day, I said to him that I didn't think a single second for fame, nor how much money I can possess. I don't even know how to measure the word 'success'. I only want my music to spread around organically and I can only wish people will then accept what I'm trying to share out to them. I didn't do this for winning trophies or chasing power and position. I do this cos it feels great to be able to give others something new to listen to. Then mas Denny quoted "yes, I too believe you're not chasing recognition, but if then you get famous and rich by doing this, consider that a bonus". I laughed thinking "how is that possible".

How time flies..... 

And now, an album. 

Life, please scream even harder, for I have become your thunder. 

(Eyes closed, fingers crossed)