Creativity is Not a Competition


Some people just love wagging the war in between creative individuals. Make sure we hang on tight to our very first good intention, to giving courage to each other, and not through sarcasm, violence and ego - the nation has had enough of that, but through love, equality and respect. 

Remind ourselves again, that what our freedom fighters fought for - the freedom we possess today, isn't for us to fight each other, but to fight FOR each other. Lets stop the misguided doctrine of senior-junior, newbies-oldies, outcast-popular, worst-best. Those are labels pretentious people make out of hatreds, that's unfortunate, they're only adding up the bullies. I remember during my junior highschool days here, we are taught to follow what the teachers ask us to do, we're put to silence, the fear of not following the rules left me with doubts and hesitations to choose, and to grow. 

Doing what people say we should and shouldn't is a theory of dictatorship. The truth is, we have the rights to choose. We can learn from anyone. Those who have been fortunate enough can learn from the less fortunate, and vice versa. The rich can learn from the homeless, and vice versa. I myself have been learning so much from these gifted kids who are just starting to build their career, and I feel so much inspired, they always leave me thinking that there are so much more in life I have to learn, and the learning process is endless, doesn't matter how old and/or successful you are, or how big your house is, how fancy is your car. 

Everybody is fighting the same battle we know nothing of, therefore it would be better if we give mutual respect and by that we can create a supportive environment, and by that we make a creative surroundings all around. We're here to make and create as good as we can, and nothing good will ever come out of dictation.