"It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of frustration that I must undesirably inform you that my MUSEXPO show has been cancelled due to visa issues. We have spent the last few weeks doing everything we possibly can to make sure that this show wouldn't be cancelled, but at the end of the day the working visa (for O-1B beneficiary) process took far longer than anyone could have predicted, which have left us no time to finish the visa process to enter the U.S.

You have no idea how much we were all looking forward to this show. I know this by no means makes up for the fact that we have had to cancel the show but I hope you can understand that it is totally beyond our control and unfortunately legalities got in the way. We were actually approved for the petition after a difficult and lengthy process of assessment by U.S. Immigration, but the final piece which is handled by the local U.S. embassy in Indonesia respectively was delayed to beyond the scheduled U.S. flight dates.

After the petition had been approved for the entire band, there has been a delay in the process to forward the Notice of Action to the U.S. embassy in Indonesia, and the delay is beyond our scheduled US flight dates. We planned this very well to make this tour happen so it is pretty devastating for us to bring you this news.

Neonomora would like once again apologize to everyone who was intending to see her live performance at MUSEXPO this week in the U.S., the ones who have sent us emails saying that you’re looking forward to watch us perform. We’re utterly sorry for the cancellation. We can only hope that the opportunity to finally perform in the U.S. next time will be as amazing as desired.”