Jakarta, November 25th  2013 – Just awarded as the Best New Profile by Butik Musik – Local Heroes awarding night on November 13th 2013, Neonomora is proud to announce the release of her debut E.P., self-titled ‘Neonomora’ on November 25th 2013. The exact same date as the release date of her debut single titled ‘You Want My Love’, which has been exactly one year ago. In only a year Neonomora has been entitled with weighty praises by local and foreign media. The title goes from “Young Gun 2013” by Rolling Stone Magazine Indonesia, “The Chosen Act” by Nylon Magazine Indonesia, “Indonesia’s Most Anticipated Music Talent” by Hai Magazine to “Malaysia’s iTunes Top 100” and “10 Incredible Indonesian Bands You Should Listen To” from an article written by SvanaPaper team on an American website called BuzzFeed. From that day on, Neonomora has successfully gained more attention globally. In three days after being dubbed on BuzzFeed the statistics on Neonomora’s Soundcloud shows that the total of listeners rocketted to 300%, in which American listeners take second place according to the statistics followed by Australia and other foreign countries.

Releasing an E.P. that has been long-awaited by her adorers will stand as a big step towards her music career, although Neonomora herself writes on her Twitter account “I’m ecstatic yet it’s pretty nerve-wrecking, maybe it’s how it feels like to give birth for the very first time”. She also states, “This E.P. is aimed to give the audience a broader perspective about my music and to give them some kind of depiction of where I was going. It isn’t just about lovey-dovey kind of lyrics you listen to on local radios. It’s way bigger than that. I and my brother thought of something that can give people a trigger, a movement and a reflection. Aren’t we all here tired of listening the same stuff over and over again.”

Putting out a third single called “Too Young” as a bullet to her E.P. she claims that the lyrics are more likely to give the listeners a different standpoint. There will be 5 songs in total added in the E.P., including the two singles she released earlier “You Want My Love” and ‘Fight”. With as dominantly compelling drum strums as in other Neonomora’s songs, reverberating sound of synthesizer, shrilling tone from the  bass pad, shattering noise here and there by the glockenspiel completed with her forceful voice, “Too Young” sure will provoke the listeners to have a trigger and that is to crave for more.