In the middle of the process of preparing her debut album that will release by the end of 2014, Neonomora releases a new single titled “The Man” today. She affirms that the song was recorded last year. Nonetheless, the singer-songwriter is expecting the right moment to introduce “The Man” out to the public. Written by his brother, Bam Mastro and Neonomora herself, “The Man” is aimed to evoke the spirit of Indonesian people for a much better change to this country. With one of the most historical events occurring in Indonesia this year by having 2014 Presidential Election that attracts worldwide attention, Neonomora is moved by the situation and eventually gathered her will to dedicate this song to the people of Indonesia.

“This song is like a heartfelt shout out coming from one Indonesian youth who wishes to have a country that the young generation can be proud of. The song may also be a reminder for our next President and the future leaders to bring this great nation forward and never to relive the nation dark history,” Neonomora states.

With Neonomora distinctive vocal, the music that goes on like an anthem and lyrics that depict the history of Indonesia years of reformation, this song is hoped to be a point of reflection and to cultivate a spirit of change to the Indonesian people. This song will be available for free for a limited time at www.neonomora.com or streaming at www.soundcloud.com/neonomora and www.youtube.com/neonomora.