RE-PACKAGED INTO Frisson Water: The Man by Neonomora Edition

Neonomora released a new music video for “THE MAN” which was made available for free in August last year, to coincide with the announcement of the Indonesian presidential election results. “THE MAN” music video is officially released today, 13 March 2015, on Neonomora’s YouTube channel,

The “THE MAN” music video is the collaborative result of Neonomora and award-winning director Candi Soeleman. “THE MAN”, which was written by Neonomora her brother, Bam Mastro is a message to “Never Forget”. 

About the song itself, Neonomora revealed “It is about youths’ desire for their homeland to succeed and be a country that they can be proud of. It also acts as a reminder for our new president and future leaders not to repeat the errors of our dark past.”

Single “THE MAN” was made available for free download last August, and is also available digitally on iTunes. “THE MAN” will be re-released by Frisson Entertainment in repackaged bottled drinking water. The bottle with the new packaging, called Frisson Water: The Man by Neonomora Edition, will be available for purchase on 20 March 2015 at a selected outlets such as a barbershop and food truck. The full list of outlets is available on

“There will be a unique code in every packaging of Frisson Water: The Man that is on sale. The unique code is used to download the song for every edition of the Frisson Water that we release,” explained Ryan Novianto, Music Executive from Frisson Entertainment.

Besides releasing their album in both physical CD and Digital format, Frisson Entertainment will also be releasing songs by their artists in the form of re-packaged bottled drinking water in the future. The packaging will be specially designed to match with the artwork of the song. 

Ryan added “For us in Frisson, and I am certain that for the millions of people out there, music is a necessity, the same with water. That is why we decided to produce Frisson Water, besides distributing our music in a unique way, we hope to provide different options for fans of our artists to acquire music.“ 

The bottled water by Frisson Water is produced by PT. Karunia Usaha Mujur dengan No SNI : No. 01 - 3553 – 2006 dan BPOM RI MD 265210003150.